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JAP Senior Style Guide

How to get the most out of your senior session.

Your senior photography session is a big deal! It documents one of the most memorable times in your life!

So it only makes sense that you would put some thought and planning into it.

These are pictures that will hang on your parents' walls for years to come. These pictures will forever represent who you were when you were a high school student.

As your senior photographer, I will do my best to help you make them be fun, memorable, and beautiful! :)

What to Expect

When you book a senior session with me, I will help you through the entire process.

We will start with a questionnaire to help me get to know you, your style, and what you would like to get out of your session. I will be available to help you pick out what to wear, how to accessorize, and where to go.

Lots of people are nervous when they come to their session because they haven't spent a lot of time in front of the camera, but don't worry. I will guide you on how to stand and what to do with your hands. :)

The most important thing is to be yourself. I want to capture your style and personality! Be who you are! Bring a friend or relative who makes you feel like laughing and having fun.



We will start by discussing where you would like to go. Think about what you like to do and where you like to spend your time.

Do you enjoy the city? Let's go down town! A town square offers so many unique back grounds and beautiful lighting with the buildings all around.

Do you love hiking and exploring? GREAT! We can go to your favorite trail or waterfall! (**Hint Hint**I am DYING to do some waterfall pictures!)

Is the football field your happy place? Let's go there!

These pictures should represent you. Be sure to put some thought into your locations, and pick a couple of places that are appealing to you.

I have a handful of go-to places that I am very familiar with and can help you choose a location that works best for you. But I also love to explore new places! So don't be afraid to suggest something different!

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Do Your Research

It is a big help to me when my seniors and their parents have a good idea of what type of pictures they'd like to get.

Don't hesitate to send me an inspiration board on Pinterest or send a few pictures from google to my email (

Better yet: Go through MY senior session portfolio and tell me which pictures I've done in the past that you really love. This is especially helpful because it shows me what speaks to you.


What to Wear

When choosing clothes for your senior session, it is easy to get overwhelmed. But I am here to help!

Above all else: go for comfort! You don't want to be worried about ill fitting clothes during your session, so be sure you pick clothes that fit properly and make you feel great.

Avoid neon colors, graphic shirts, and large logos.

Jewel tones photograph beautifully. Think purple, emerald green, blue, and magenta. Yellow is another awesome color that really pops on camera. Think mustard yellow...not neon yellow.

Solids are timeless, but don't be afraid to mix and match with patterns and colors to create a look that you love.

Use layers to get several looks from one outfit. A blue jean jacket or a sweater are good options for this.

Hats are a great accessory, but don't wear them to your session. You won't want to have a hat on for every picture, and you won't want the red line on your forehead that sometimes happens when you wear a hat. 

Don't forget to accessorize! Earrings, bracelets, scarves, necklaces. These will all add style to your pictures.

Choose both casual and formal clothes. This is your chance to show every side of yourself! 

I think its great to go for four different looks in your session. I'll elaborate on each one below: The first is a classic/timeless look, next up is a formal look, then a sports uniform or hobby look, and finally, a statement look.

I've created a pinterest board to help inspire you. Be sure to check it out!


Classic/Timeless Look

Pick at least one outfit that is classic/timeless. That won't look dated ten years from now. We want to capture your personality and your personal style, but we also want some pictures that can hang on the wall forever and never look old. :) A fitted black or white shirt paired with some jeans is perfect for this first look! 


Floral or Formal

Bring something with a floral print that is soft and flowy. A pretty dress or romper would be great for this look. The more flowy movement this outfit offers, the better! 


Next, we can balance out the floral with a structured pattern. Think plaid, stripes or other geometric patterns. 

For the guys: I don't actually expect you to wear a floral shirt. haha! Maybe consider a nice striped polo and button up shirt? MAYBE a tie? Mamas like to see their boys looking sharp!


Be sure to bring any school related outfits you have such as your football, cheer, or band uniform. This is where we get to really express who YOU are! If you're into track, bring your sneakers. If you're in band, bring your instrument.

It doesn't necessarily have to be school related either. If you love to ride horses, PLEASE bring your horse and boots! If painting is your thing, bring your painting clothes and a canvas. Paint is FUN! 

Whatever you love to do, let's capture it!


Themed Look

Let's do something awesome! This is where you express your fun side! Wear something you might not normally wear. A fun matching two piece, some over sized glasses, or super high heels would be great for this look! Maybe even your prom dress? This is a great opportunity to get some pictures in it without having to rush off to prom. 

Whatever you choose will be fine! Let me know ahead of time so I can be brainstorming ideas for your session!


Hair and Makeup

I think its a great idea for girls to get their makeup done professionally for their senior session. Its fun and make up artists know how to make you look your best for the camera. 

Retouching is included in every package, so don't worry if you have any blemishes that just won't go away. I can fix that after the session.

Guys, if you're going to get your hair cut for your senior session, be sure to do it at least a week before your session date. And be sure to shave if needed, the day of your session.


What to Bring

Be sure to bring everything you could possibly need during your session. Bring all of your outfits. Any props you want to include in your pictures such as a football, pom poms, instrument, etc.

I mentioned this earlier, but DEFINITELY bring a friend or two to help you relax and have fun!

Also bring some water to drink, bobby pins, hair brush, makeup for touch ups, tissues, and some comfortable flip flops/slip on shoes to wear between shots if you'll be going bare foot or wearing heels for some pictures.

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Need More Information?

Whether you've already booked a session, or you're just browsing my website, if you need more information I'm here to answer all your questions!

Feel free to send me a message HERE and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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